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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Meaning of aged domain Things to remember before buying domain

What is an aged domain?
Domains that have been registered and never dropped are called “Aged Domains”.
Let’s start with a quick fact. If you start with a new domain it will normally takes up to 3 months to start ranking and show on popular search engine, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer Aged Domains
That’s 3 months the domain owner waste his time in link building, writing articles, making blog, exchanging the links, directory submission & optimization on it. That’s takes lots of time on web2.0 to make visible on web and search engines.

Benefits of buying an old Domain or “aged domain”

The benefit of buying an old domain is just like to buying a well furnished house or flat in which u need not to worry about investing on furnishing the things on it.

The old domain might already have presence on web, might have its own back links

Why to register a domain?
If you own a small business and wish to have a web presence or you are looking to setup an online business from scratch, you need to go through the domain registering process.

If you do not have a business and still wish to make money online?
Yes, it's possible. All you need is to register your domain name and have a website and you're ready to step into the world of affiliate marketing by selling someone else's products.
Whether you are setting up a business website or a website to make money online through affiliate marketing, information products or any other internet business model.

Things to remember while buying an aged domain?

·         Page rank:
Whenever you are buying a domain name just don’t go for any name. Always keep in mind to check the page rank of the old Domain. A blog with good PR is always preferred by search engines and most effective in driving huge traffic. You must be aware of few facts of domain name before purchasing it, such as:
1. Domain registration date
2. Domain Expiration date
3. Domain swapping date

  • How old
If you are planning to take up and old domain name, think of considering age of that domain since more the age of your domain, more it would be preferred by the search engines. The main reason for selecting old age of domain is that there are fewer chances that the domain name is used by spammers. Spammers keep on changing their blogs often.

  • Copy right

Before selecting a domain name, do check out that the domain name don’t have any copyright or trademark. And if it’s a big brand, you might face a big penalty. Thus always take care that you must keep your hands off from copyrighted domain names.


  1. please let me know how to check that your domain is already copyright and i don't understand the meaning of copyright..
    Nice post for those who want to buy a domain name.
    thanks atishay

  2. aged domain has to be seen expensive as compared to new domaims

  3. thanks can you please let me know keyword-rich new domain vs aged domain, which one will be easier for seo

  4. well aged domain is always seen good as compared to a new domain. It also effects its Page Rank and other search engine impacts.