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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Web 2.0 Vs Semantic Web

It is not uncommon to view Web2.0 and the Semantic Web as mutually exclusive, competing paths to the Web of the future.

I argue that the two approaches are in fact complementary, and that both face challenges the other can solve, such as how to integrate Web2.0 data on a Web scale, and how to enable users to create semantically rich annotations.

Difference between web 2.0 and web 3.0

Web2.0 generally means User Generated Content which creates a completely new paradigm of relationship between the service owner who provides the technological framework and the users who create their own content withing the framework & regulations. Web2.0 was created as some kind of buzzword and nowadays is often associated with Social Media. 

Web3.0 is a theoretical concept of Internet development in the future. There are two trends being discussed: 

1) semantic web i.e. web with the meaning accessible by the computers 
2) hive mind i.e. collaborative network which means sharing knowledge, faster learning curve 

Similarities and Difference between web 2.0 and Semantic web

  • focus on the data
  • focus on intelligent data sharing, integration, combination (something that the Semantic Web has been pushing for years)
  • focus on using appropriate and specific data formats for specific jobs; (e.g., RDF over bare XML for the SW, JSON or similar over XML/XHTML for Web 2.0)
  • focus on defining and using simple data formats
  • focus on community based developments of common terminologies
  • treat Web clients as first-class data consumers & producers
  • the SW, when it becomes necessary, may use more complex formalisms (like RDF Schemas, OWL, or Rules) and their related algorithms to solve harder problems
  • the SW puts a great emphasis on describing and defining the relationships among data, which gets less focus in Web 2.0
  • the SW is less focused on the human user experience, in contrast to Web 2.0 that is also focused on user interface aspects

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