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Monday, November 29, 2010

Difference between media bot and ads bot

Google bot

What is Media bot

Mediabot is the name given to the web crawler that Google uses to crawl webpages for purposes of analyzing the content so Google AdSense can serve contextually relevant advertising to the page.
Mediabot visits those pages running AdSense ads that have not blocked its access via a robots.txt file and it's a Google recommendation that webmasters specifically add a command to their robots.txt file granting Mediabot access to the entire site.
So if you want to allow Media bot to access your entire site put this code in robot.txt file:

Example: to all mediabot

What is Ads bot

Google's rolling out a new system where ad landing pages will be automatically spidered by a new AdsBot. The content of landing pages will help determine the quality of an ad campaign. That quality score, along with the amount you are willing to pay, is then used to determine an ad's AdRank, the position where an ad will appear in the results. A high quality score means you can rank higher even if you pay less than others. And not participating in the new spidering system can hurt your AdRank.

By now you must have understood that it is important to give complete access to Google if you want to increase your search engine visibility. One way is to create a sitemap for your site. A sitemap tells Google about your most important, new and updated pages. Google inturn tells you the pages it was unable to crawl. This helps you pinpoint the problems and fix them as soon as possible with which you can gain increased traffic and exposure from search engine results.

Media bot determines the context and keywords of your site for AdSense ad-serving purposes, whereas Google ads bot gets data to be used for Google's search engine.

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