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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

history of famous top 10 websites : Domain information of popular websites

Some facts  about current Top 10 sites
Here is a unique post for all the web 2.0 marketers, internet lovers, and SEO Experts. Many times people go on searching the domain age or say the launched dates of popular domains or websites like google. Yahoo, or twitter. Below you will find the list of top 10 websites according to alexa and also their dates when their domain have been registered. Amazing but true Facebook have been registered before 6 months to google in 1997. Also from the current top 10 sites the old domain is which is not known by many people.

List  of Top 10 sites with their date of registration

          Website                            Registered date 
  1.                        15-Sep-1997
  2.                    29-Mar-1997
  3.                      15-Feb-2005
  4.                         18-Jan-1995
  5.                            28-Dec-1994
  6.                          11-Oct-1999
  7.                     13-Jan-2001
  8.                     31-july-2000
  9.                              04-April-1995
  10.                       21-Jan-2006

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