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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What are web archives

Web archiving

Web is the only source where we can never lost any data or web page that we have been stored at any earlier date. Web archiving is the process of collecting portions of the World Wide Web and ensuring the collection is preserved in an archive, such as an archive site, for future researchers, historians, and the public. Due to the massive size of the Web, web archivists typically employ web crawlers for automated collection. The largest web archiving organization based on a crawling approach is the Internet Archive which strives to maintain an archive of the entire Web. National libraries, national archives and various consortia of organizations are also involved in archiving culturally important Web content. Commercial web archiving software and services are also available to organizations that need to archive their own web content for corporate heritage, regulatory, or legal purposes.

Google old with new page : Google archives

Finding an Old Web Page

The Web changes constantly, and sometimes that page that had just the information you needed yesterday (or last month or two years ago) is not available today. At other times you may want to see how a page's content or design has changed. There are several sources for finding Web pages as they used to exist. Just like google and yahoo that have changed the appearance and design of their web pages. Suppose if somebody want to see the old pages of any web page to find how exactly they looked like before. Then by searching web archives for that particular page we will be able to see the difference between the current and old page of that particular domain or website.
While Google's cache is probably the best known, the others are important alternatives that may have pages not available at Google or the Wayback Machine plus they may have an archived page from a different date. The site below let us tell the name of the service, the way to find the archived page, and some notes that should give some idea as to how old a page the archive may contain.

Conclusion: Source to find old web page is

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