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Thursday, December 2, 2010

8 Master tips for On Page optimization

SEO Tips by Atishay

Title Tags - Title is such an important point and very specific of what your content is all about. The presence of title tag in your HTML Meta code explains the browser what needs to be exhibited in the title space coming at the top of screen. The main reason to make it more interesting is because Google tremendously rely on the title tags. Therefore involving distinctive keywords or phrases is good for that specific web page's health. The outlook of what is written is quite important and here your aim is to reach on top of every search done with easy version that is entirely understandable.

Description Meta Tag – This is the description that is visible in organic results. This is a useful tag especially for search engines like google, Yahoo and MSN. So get the appropriate title and make it variable-driven, also make sure the text matches with the page.

Keyword Meta Tag - Formerly this tag was quite necessary but now the search engines ignore it and due to improper usage and huge manipulation the keyword Meta tag has lost out the privilege. All webmasters made keyword meta tags irrelevant and it lost its importance in SEO.

H1, H2 Heading Tags – These are the headings that mainly specifies what is your page about, just like the title tag your H1, H2 tags are also equally important. Google's next targets are H1, H2 tag that specify what your web page is all about.

Alt tags for images – Alt tags are usually ignored while doing on page optimization, but I personally suggest using these tags to get indexed on web by google image bots. This creates a good SEO score for your website. Alt tags specify what your image to search engine is. As search engines are just robots they cannot see your images so they just read the name of your images from your alt tags and puts them in its image search results.

The Name of the Page (URL) Itself - It is always preferred to use simple language for SEO purpose. A very good example is that will perform much better for SEO than And there is a specific reason behind this, as the descriptive text lets the search engine know what the web page is all about. And a real fact is that today search engines are smart enough to reasonably deal with variable data but ensure your data is crafted with simple English

Keyword Density - Actually a search engine just counts all the words and gather the repeated ones, thereafter in your complete content it checks the density of each word in a percentage format like specific 1-word, 2-word and 3-word phrases. And then it actually interprets the theme of your page by reading the most popular keyword phrases in your text. Personally I encourage you to be neutral while writing, never focus completely on text and ignore keyword density or focus on keyword density and forget about the creativity of text. Write the way you do any content writing, and as you check for grammar, clarity or consistency so do it with the density as well.

High-Quality - Original Content – As all says “Content is King” and this is a real fact we need to acknowledge. If you think that search engines are fool enough and will not regard your content, you are highly mistaken. The unique and good content can be impressive and it is also a true fact, high quality and original content is important for SEO strategy.

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