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Monday, December 13, 2010

Search engines in future

What would you like future search engines to be?

Search Engines in Future
Everywhere on web is spam, the web gets do much of traffic nobody imagines. The web is full of spammer’s then what these spamming algorithms are doing to remove all these spammers out from the web. Every SEO when think about these spammers the only one thing comes out is that these spammers must be thrown out from the web. It may be possible for the technology that may be used by search engines in future just like web3.0 or say semantic web when search engines or the bots can be able to understand what a user want to search then only It will be meaningful  for the search engine. May be one day organic search results gone its way and the only results we will have will be paid. The only one thing is money behind every site on web. So why don’t for a search engine. Although it is the best way to attract visitors as most of the people depends only on search engine while asking anything on it whether it may be any real life problem or some task given by the boss.

Smart search Engines in future:

Search engines in future must get smarter, more powerful, and it must be using some technology just like intelligent web. As due to online marketing is is hard for a user to find some useful information in less time as the user only interacted with the advertisements and the paid or sponsored link while he is searching for some meaningful information.
I recently saw a blog of Matt Cutts where he asked something like what will you do if you were the CEO of google and he got so many comments with different suggestions. I was there at his place first of all i will change the ranking system as google do. Really it is very difficult to find some meaningful information on web. Thanks to Wikipedia that provides some good and meaningful information. The only reason to make this site on top on google as it is the only source where people trust. With more information being published on the internet and different filters for interpreting this information being created.

While there are tons of alternative search engines, we'd like to know what you think will be unique search engines of the future.

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