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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SEO Facts and issues-by Atishay Jain

Search engine optimization issues

Search engine optimization is still the single most effective thing for any website that makes it possible to earn or to get famous. Last night I was thinking some facts about SEO as web is going more and more advanced so that websites too. Now a day’s everybody have changed the strategy of making the presence on web that is what blogging is. Yeah blogging have been making good presence on web also it’s effective to make market for the products you are selling online. As all web masters and internet marketers are familiar with the fact that after every 3 seconds a new website have been generated. Now the main issue is to make your site available to google means google or other popular search engine has visited your site or not or say your site has been indexed by google or not. This is a very common issue for every site owner that his or her site has not been indexed yet even after implementing so many seo tricks and strategies.

SEO Tips by Atishay jain

Tips to Get Index Fast by Google

The first and most important step is "Search Engine Optimization" in a proper and actual direction which is achieved by making your pages very visible to the search engines, giving them exactly what you want them to see when indexing your site. The people go on web always try to get their site or blog indexed as soon as possible by google bot and other search engine bots like yahoo, bing, and baidu. This helps give your site a high ranking in a search engines when someone searches for your product or service. (It's not the only ingredient for good rankings in the search engines, but it is the most important part for your site. The common problem of every site or blog owner is like this: My site isn't indexed yet what can i do to get it indexed by google. Here on web 2.0 You will find many blogs who will let you know many tricks and strategies so that your site soon get indexed by google and you will get top ranking on it. Believe me as I found with my experience the only one thing to solve this problem is : you should have some quality in your content, as on web only quality content matter if u really want to get indexed your site fast just give your time while posting. That is only solution for all the website and blog marketers.

Many companies or ads you will find on web that will give you surety like this “Get your website index fast just click here” or like this “It helps your website to get index fast by viewing following sites with your domain name” please avoid all these types of clicks this is nothing but a way to just increase the number of visitors on their sponsored sites.


  1. search engine optimization have some issue. i know that issue is very important. thanks for the sharing.