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Sunday, December 12, 2010

SEO in reverse as Google Bowling

Reverse SEO is the process of downgrade your competitive websites other than your own from the first pages of Google by using some tricks over to that websites.

Google bowling as reverse seo
Reverse SEO some times also called as Google Bowling. To do this one has to do huge spamming of the competitor's site with lot of links to other sites. So Google thinks that this site is trying get ranked by huge spamming and so the site gets penalty and disappear from the search engines completely.

Search Engine Optimization has become a common term today. But not many people are aware of the reverse optimization process. This is an online reputation management which helps individuals and organizations to repair their bad publicity. It is very useful in reducing the effects of harmful publicity. It protects your online reputation and helps remove negative publicity to the site from the first page of Google. Considering the rising popularity of the social media, it has become easier for competitors to smear the competition. With the help of reverse SEO, negative publicity can be handled efficiently and rendered redundant.

Obviously, the sites on the top right now would have some edge over you for being there. Probably Google would have “seen” them and you’d have missed those factors. So as an immediate fix, you should probably do a reverse engineering process and find out the metrics why your competition is ranking ahead of you. Make a chart and try to beat each topper for each metric you’ve spotted. That would be a nice long-term solution to the problem.

Now Reverse SEO is becoming an online reputation management (ORM) strategy. It protects your company from negative publicity and rumors that can circulate quickly online. Reverse SEO has become one of the most effective strategies for minimizing the impact of bad publicity within the search engines' organic listings. It is an Online Reputation Management (ORM) tool of SEO consultants who manage Online Reputation Management. Too often, companies become targets for negative press online.

Note:  your IP can be also banned forever when your competitor come to know about this.

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