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Sunday, December 19, 2010

SEO - Not only Internet Marketing

Everybody is doing SEO taking as only internet marketing or say online marketing but as i found in my career of SEO, SEO is not only the internet marketing although it is a technology to make your presence on the web. Normally when I see people talking about search engine optimization, they join it in with Internet marketing. Simply stated, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website in order to be found for free on Google and Yahoo for a particular search term.
SEO has a very great future as all business websites fully depends on SEO. On web it’s become very common for all to have competition for ranking in google and other popular search engines. Everybody is fighting to be on top ranking. Internet marketing is a comprehensive marketing campaign and usually involves paid clicks (PPC). SEO can work great as an online marketing strategy but the two are not the same. Usually you need to pay in order to run an internet marketing campaign. For search engine organic results you don’t have to pay a thing (assuming the optimization work has been done by the crawlers or bots).

SEO for small business

Small business owners are confused about this issue. They think they need to pay in order to rank high on Google actual search results. But most of them can have some qualified traffic to their website without running an Internet Marketing campaign and this is all about optimizing their website to be properly indexed by search engines. A couple of good trusted links will do a good job in allowing the search engines “know” that a website is important. Really by this everybody is making money from their business sites after doing SEO of their sites.
In fact, SEO isn’t Internet marketing at all. And more recently you may have seen the term “SEO have taken a new term SEM or say IM or OM.
Simply put, search engine optimization is, and always has been, an online PR tactic; there are a few reasons why SEO professionals are more PR practitioners than marketers: SEO is about improving “exposure” and “visibility.”SEO is NOT about directly increasing sales or other actions by the searcher (whether or not they click is left up to the marketing copy making up the site description, and whether or not they stay, buy, sign up, or whatever is dependent on the marketing ability of the landing page… not the actual ranking in the SERPs). But now the SEO is just become only for actual ranking due to this reason only search engines is becoming less user friendly on the basis of actual search time taken by the user in order to find any good or useful information. In the coming future it may happen that paid or actual search results will have no more difference as both are been generated by paying some money.

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