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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Flex - RIA Technology

Flex - RIA Technology
Flex - RIA Technology

  • Flex - A collection of Technology
  • Based on Adobe Flash Platform
  • viewed using flash runtime player
  • developed using flex builder
  • building expressive web
  • A Programming module supports common dessign patterns.
  • flex uses MXML for UI layout and behaviours.
  • works with Adobe AIR(Adobe Integrated Rintime): allows use of flash, Actonscript or HTML & jave script code.
  • comes with a set of UI components including buttons, listboxes, trees, data grids, several text controls and layout containers. 

10 Myths about Flex
  • Flex requires a Flex Player
  • Flex requires a special serve
  • Flex costs a small fortune
  • Flex applications can only exchange data with special servers
  • Flex doesn't play well with AJAX.
  • Flex apps can only be full screen.
  • Flex is hard to learn.
  • Few real projects are using Flex
  • Flex and Flash do not work together.
  • Flex is slow.

Flex Features:
  • web services
  • drag & drop
  • modal dialogs
  • animation effects
  • form validation
  • application status

Advantages of flex
  • not only limited for web also work for desktop applications.
  • providing a programmatic way for developin RIA - Rich Internet Application.
  • As Flash development tool is geared for designers and is based on timeline but flex removed this barrier.
  • Flex is for developers used as proramming module.

Flex Vs Flash
Flex is aimed more prespective for developers while flash used as graphics tool with use of timeline so flash is count to be for designers.

Components in flex
  • Custom
  • controls
  • layout
  • navigators
  • charts

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