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Friday, January 14, 2011

How To test and Run Flex applications

All about flex
All About Flex
To test your applications you run SWF application files in a web browser or the stand-alone Flash Player. 

-If you encounter errors in your applications, then you can use flex debugging tools.

Flex provides the following debugging tools: 
1)Flex Builder debugger:  
-Provides control application execution by suspending, resuming, and terminating the application.
-it can step into and over the code.
-watch variables, evaluate expressions & so on.

2)FDB command-line debugger:
-provides a command-line interface to the debugging experience.
-here you can add breakpoints, check variables, and perform many of the same tasks you can with the Flex Builder visual debugger.

3)AIR Debug Launcher (ADL):
-It is a command line debugger for Adobe® AIR™ applications that you can use outside of Flex Builder.

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