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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Keyword Demand and supply

importance of keywords in seo
importance of keywords in seo

importance of keywords in seo

On-line marketers and seo often brainstorm and find profitable niche markets using Keyword Demand vs. Supply. You may have found a profitable niche if...

1. A lot of Internet users are searching for a particular keyword phrase (indicated by a high “keyword search popularity”).

2. The number of web page results returned for that keyword phrase is too few, are of low quality, or is not relevant to the search query.

Of course, it could also mean that the particular niche is simply not profitable and most people have kept away.

I have searched for popular keywords, Now What?
Once you know which keywords are important, you can create web pages that target the users who use those keywords. When a user searches for information on a search engine, the search engine will return a list of web pages. If you have a website, your aim is to get listed at the top for all popular keywords in your site category. You can do this by creating web pages that the search engines will determine to be a good fit for the popular keywords.

Your task is to:
Create web pages that are targeted to what people have in mind when they search the Internet.
Convince the search engine algorithms that your pages are the best possible results for those keyword searches.

This document covers the very basics on Internet Keywords. This Knowledge is sufficient for simple website planning and development in the starting.

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