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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top Ten uses of RIA (Rich Internet Applications)

RIA Rich Internet Application Diagram
RIA - Rich Internet Application Diagram 

  1. Rich Internet Applications (RIA) combines strengths of both desktop and web based application.
  2. RIA offers richer functionality by making use of HTML widgets available on standard browser-based Web applications
  3. RIA ensures large scale business returns and repeat visits, giving a boost to online business
  4. With RIAs, websites look more appealing, interactive and responsive.
  5. Users can easily create visually appealing images with the help of rich internet applications.
  6. Using applications help users to access applications anytime and from anywhere and successfully communicate with each other via video conferences and messengers.
  7. By adding RIAs, website developers add a number of flexible features to a website and make it more vivid and alive.
  8. Provide immediate and dynamic visual feedback to the user
  9. RIA provides an enhanced and interactive browsing experience to the users as enable to engaging interactive user experience without page reloads or refreshes.
  10. With user-friendly applications, the data gets easily transferred from one form to another to the server without keeping a user waiting.

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