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Sunday, February 6, 2011

How to make your job life better

The most striking feature of most corporations today is change. The pace of change is faster than ever before and continues to increase. Companies recognize that if they want to survive—even thrive—in the global market place, they have no choice but to be able to adapt quickly. They also know that employees tend to resist change. I often hear employees saying, "It takes us a full year to really get to the point where we’ve mastered the new technology. And then, what do they do? They change it! They say, ‘We’ve found something that will be much more efficient and help you do your job better." Never give pressure to your job you must have fun while you work during office hours and activities like funny jokes may feel you better during your job life.  Give extra time for some funny activities. 

We’re so conditioned to be serious and stifle any sign of fun and humor on the job that employees often find it difficult to let go and have fun even when specifically invited to do so. I always take a few minutes in my humor programs to play a game that gets people up to do something physically playful—even silly. When the program is at a hotel (e.g., at a convention), most people in the room are able to let go and enter the spirit of fun. But when it’s in the building they work in, the percentage of people comfortable with letting the playful side of themselves out is always much smaller. People become nervous and self-conscious, apparently concerned about their image and lack of professionalism.

So friends we suggest you all to have fun  like with your job even with funny jokes if you are not at all satisfied with your job. Try to make yourself happy with your friends and colleagues. Don’t compare your salary and other things enjoy your life and have fun. 

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