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Sunday, February 20, 2011

International conferences 2011-Conference alerts

international conferences 2011
international conferences 2011
Fall 2011 IRP Fellowships in International Journalism for US Journalists

Study Subject: Journalism
Employer: IRP
Level: Journalist
In the fall of 2011, the International Reporting Project (IRP) will offer up to 10 IRP Fellowships to U.S. journalists to carry out a project reporting from any country in the world outside the United States. The fellowships are open to all U.S. journalists with at least five years of professional experience in any medium.

University of Leeds Announce Tetley & Lupton Scholarships 2011-2012, UK
Study Subject: Many( Courses offered by University of Leeds)
Employer: University of Leeds
Level: Masters
Up to 9 Tetley and Lupton Scholarships are available for international students for Session 2011-2012 wishing to undertake a one-year full-time Master’s Degree in any Faculty.
Eligibility: Please read this information carefully, as your application form will be automatically rejected if you do not meet ALL of the eligibility criteria listed below Applicants MUST first submit the relevant study application form and be in receipt of a University BANNER ID Number1 (Student ID Number) to be eligible for a Tetley & Lupton Scholarship.  

2011- PhD programme for the students pursuing Economics
Study Subject: Economics, Engineering, Humanities, Law, Medicine, Sciences
Employer: University of Rome Tor Vergata
Level: PhD
Pre-selection is in progress for foreign students applying for a position in a PhD Program for the Academic Year 2011/12.The number of positions funded by the University will be established by the Graduate School after 10 June 2011. Foreign students wishing to apply for admission to a PhD Program for the Academic Year 2011/12 must submit an application no later than 25 April 2011.Some doctoral courses have specific conditions of admission. Those will be advertised on the following web page: (These conditions may include the primary language of the program and its educational activities — e.g., English or Italian).

Cutting Edge Scholarships Programs 2011 – 2012 at University of Commission – Belgium
This Fellowship includes many programmes, Within the programme for international courses and training programmes 2011-2012, CIUF grants 150 scholarships for participation into the courses and 70 for participation into the training programmes. You will find on this site a list of international courses and training programmes for which there is a possibility of scholarship and the modalities of introduction of an application file as well as the rules of selection. These rules define the conformity of the files and therefore are very important.

6th International Conference of Critical Geography 2011 (Frankfurt, 16-20 August 2011)

The focus will be on critical and emancipatory discussion aimed at radical explanation and change, organized in (but not limited to) eleven themes (see below). The format is designed to enhance debate beyond the confines of national traditions and academic hierarchies. While the primary conference language will be English, we will explore creative ways to deal with the multiplicity of languages. In addition, Theme 9 will address language concerns and Theme 11 will be presented in German. For more info visit


  1. thanks for the details about international conference alerts in 2011

  2. please tell me some conferences in which school students can take part
    i wish to take part