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Thursday, February 10, 2011

What are Dynamic Landing Pages


Landing pages are meant to draw more traffic to websites by being an extension of the original ad or link that is clicked on. Dynamic landing pages are an extension of this original concept that are optimized for a particular set of keywords to draw the most traffic. Dynamic landing pages also generate changeable web pages with content that is specifically tailored towards the keywords that draw the most traffic for the particular web page.

Dynamic Landing Page Example-
An example of a dynamic landing page might be a page about chocolates. A dynamic landing page about chocolates will have information about the different types of chocolates available, perhaps even recipes for uses of these different types of chocolates. The company in charge of the dynamic landing page may provide geographic information as to where the different types of chocolate is found. The word chocolates would trigger a data dump into a website template that serves all chocolates-related web pages.
Dynamic landing pages are also great for pay per click campaigns because this page can be used to rate the effectiveness of the advertising. Creators can add parameters to the linking URLs and these parameters will measure the effectiveness by checking click through rates.

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