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Monday, February 7, 2011

What is Dynamic SEO

SEO means making your site easy for search engines like Google to recommend in when somebody is looking for what you have on your site. You can have static SEO which is how your site is built, like a home, you never change the studs, you just paint the walls when you want a new look. Static SEO is unmoving, unchanging.

Dynamic SEO is when you actively change the words on a page in your site to attract more of your proper audience with meaningful words. For Dyanamic you don't need blog commenting, artcile marketing and all what you need is your new and different content from others you will automatically ranks your site on google and other search engines.

Google made fresh, relevant content even more important this summer. They want to see fresh words on pages in your site other than the home page! The more places in your site that you can update on a regular basis, the higher your site will rank.

There are many tools, tactics, and techniques for executing this type of work. We are happy to provide classes to teach you or even better yet, we’ll do the work for you!

SEO can be any kind of site, static or dynamic.
It is a combination of on site and off sit backlinks to your content.
A dynamic site like WordPress is SEO ready, just keep adding good content and adding more backlinks

To make a site SEO dynamic you do not need to make a new copy of website it only needs some editing and adding few more things like proper and relevant meta description, tags and title, the one meaning of SEO dynamic site can be taken as to make a site search engine friendly means make it easy for the crawlers to explore your site this is known as on site seo.

As long as your site is W3 Compliant, you can definitely optimize it. 

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