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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wordart in flex using actionscript

Flex World
Flex World
I have been searching on Google about how to implement word art text styles in flex using action script and its now really comes over my head.
There on Web you may get a thousands of links for the solutions but there is nowhere you find any perfect or say useful solution. Now if you are also looking for the same solution just stop seacrhing.
I also been to the official forum of adobe but there also my hopes pulled me back. I found amd participate in many forums and start discussion over this same topic. After all what i found is there is a possibility of making
text curve or say bottom arc, upper arc just like a rainbow pattern text but you can not direct implement word art text in flex using action script. However you can change the font styles, font sixe, borders, efects etc in flex by embedding them in to flex.

Custom T shirt design application flex

There are many custom thshirt design flex or flash application which are using text styles like upper arc or bottom arc in flash. But that is not a big deal to do so but as i have seen there are many bids on freelancer and other online projects websites that are offering job for the same projects and who needs the same scripts for that project and also they are ready to pay dollars for the implementaion.
Custom Tshirt Design application is becomes to common now a days. Just like bluecotton, zazzle, rivalart, shirttools, simplymagazine, sandiegobizmart, sonicshack, etc all these web applications allows you to design your own T-shirt, starting from a plain T-shirt template and then allowing you to add your photos and art or to use their clip art and stock design templates.

So ultimately what I found is to use wordart in flex or flash just use different text properties just like upper arc, bottom arc or cirvular arc. Just try to change the angle of your text that gives your text an arcing style that is the only solution till i found. If anyone is having  any better solution for this problem your comments will be appreciated.

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  1. No solution. It can not be done using Flex