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Thursday, March 10, 2011

IE9 Internet Explorer 9 launched date 14th march today news

IE9 Internet Explorer 9 launched released date is today 14th march 2011. IE9 launched date 14th march have been official declared by microsoft.

It’s been a fairly long time coming. The first Platform Preview of IE9 dropped almost a year ago, and Microsoft has been consistently updating the previews and betas since then, fleshing out its HTML5 and CSS 3 compliance, along with improving its feature set. HTML5 and CSS 3 compliance are particularly nice to get, since IE8 doesn't support HTML5 at all, and is at least part of the reason why the web has been slow to adopt the latest iteration of the standard.
The official release of Internet Explorer 9 will drop on March 14th 2011, bringing along with it a massive overhaul that imbues IE with some desperately needed standards support, as well as a healthy speed boost and the benefit of hardware acceleration.

IE9 after HTML5 and CSS3

This is all very good news. It’s true that the likes of Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome are all pretty far along in Safari compliance, but Internet Explorer is still a standard when it comes to the web. IE9’s official release is potentially the first step to an even more amazing internet… provided both users and web developers upgrade.

Facts for Internet Explorer 9

Whether people will upgrade, though, is a big question. After all, Microsoft’s had a hard enough time killing off IE6, which still has a 12% share of the browser market after ten years. IE9 doesn’t even run on Windows XP, which is still one of the biggest operating systems in the world. IE9 is a great effort on Microsoft’s part, but whether or not it will be a game changer is very much in the air.

Tech-Ed India 2011

The timing of Tech-Ed India 2011 as a launch date for Internet Explorer 9 is intriguing. Microsoft’s general manager of Internet Explorer and Windows Live, Brian Hall, is due to keynote on March 24 at Tech-Ed India. Hall has worked at Microsoft since 1995 in a variety of marketing and engineering positions. Previously, he led the worldwide launch of Windows XP and worked as a product manager on Windows 95, Windows 98 and Internet Explorer versions 3 through 5.


  1. I will check it out once Windows Update forces me to download it. I will probably use it for about 2 minutes just to check it out and then back to firefox. It is funny how new versions of firefox and chrome work great on W2K but M$ is to stupid to make new versions of IE work with it. My office computer has W2K on it as my company will not upgrade me. So IE6 will remain on my W2K system (although not used) and I can't even remove it.

  2. I tried the beta and was absolutely disgusted with it. IE9 was slower and clunkier than any other browser out there. And uninstalling it was a puzzle in itself.

    I sure hope that the final version is much better. I am going to wait for reviews and more info before trying it.

  3. seems great after ie 9 lets see how much it impact on web 2.0

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