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Thursday, April 28, 2011

SEO facts and figures

As seo is not only internet marketing if it combines with web 2.0 it becomes a part of web development and HTML.

Before actually going "live" with your site it is important to make sure you have set up some key features to make your site stand out from the rest.
 Things like pillar articles and tutorials as well as interesting blog posts or tools can work wonders to increase the likelihood that your initial visitors will stick around.
If there are aspects of your site that remain unfinished then it is preferable to delay the launch rather than risk putting people off when they can’t use part of the site or spot errors in the content.
My preferred strategy is to have around 10 viral articles or blog posts on a site before launch, each one should have its own marketing strategy so that the marketing team knows exactly what to do for each article on launch day.
As well as the viral content you should put together an in depth strategy for launching the site, we will discuss this further tomorrow.
Part of the pre-launch phase is to identify a list of website that you would like to be featured on.
This might range from niche directories, blogs and social networks right up to the mainstream media.
For each of the sites you should make sure you know what type of content they normally feature and how you can get in touch with the writer.
Ideally you should try to speak to the writer face to face and in the case of social networks employ a consultant who knows how to make best use of the network to drive traffic.
Your prospect list should also be split into sub sections for each of the viral articles you want to promote.
For example, if you had an insurance site but published a viral article about liability insurance for bloggers you should have a separate prospect list to contact for this article than one you might write about how to choose the best car insurance policy.
The important aspect is to have 10 – 20 items ready to market during launch week and make sure each has a tailored marketing strategy.
That way if one strategy fails you have a lot of others to fall back on.

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