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Monday, April 25, 2011

seo most important factors presents seo most important factors for SEO start-ups and SEO beginners. A billion dollar post that shows he shows seo secrets behind any website that ranked Top on Google and on other major search engines. As it is says that, the time is always right to do what is right.

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seo most important factors

Here are seo most important factors from SEO secret graph to get success on Google organic results.

1) On page Optimization factor.
This is the main factor whenever you start a new project of a site is new and the development of the website is on its way then for SEO developers it is very important to take care of HTML page optimization, as it helps to make your website SEO friendly and gives an excellent impact on actual search engines rankings.

2) Spam Control
As Google has a very strong spam detection algorithm, it doesn’t matter if your site comes on top, as it may kick soon once Google bots and crawlers detect something spamming with your website. So it is necessary for SEO to follow all the optimization white hat rules in order to stay for long over Google and other major search engines.

3) Excellent Off page optimization.
All Seo newbie’s start doing off page SEO without knowing the actual knowledge of it. They just start submitting their websites like mad. Don’t do this, it’s a very common mistake that many SEO and web 2.0 based companies are doing. They get rankings by doing the same but it does not stay for long.

4) Blogging
In the world of constant change in technology blogging now becomes a very essential strategy from seo perspective. It is the only thing on web that gives us seconds updates. So it is very necessary to post your updates and news related to your websites.

5) Dynamic SEO
Dynamic SEO now becomes the most new technology in the world of search engine optimization and web 2.0 application developments. Dynamic seo is a strategy to come on top by using data hybrid while doing on page for your website. Dynamic seo can bring your site on top without doing any link building and or off page marketing. It is the natural unique quality content of your website. If the content is really unique and useful it will automatically come on top and will be treated as dynamic SEO.

6) Search Engines algorithms knowledge
If you are only an online marketer and do not have any knowledge of web 2.0 applications with search engines algorithms then there is no meaning of doing it. If you know when and how the bots and crawlers will come to your website then you can have a very natural impact on search engines.

7) Initial research and analysis.
It is the starting strategy whenever you begin a new project. First of all see how many people are doing the seo on the same keywords.  Also check the competition on your targeted keywords then set your aims and plans accordingly with some logics. Don’t start seo project like a mad as most of the seo guys do. They don’t see anything and start doing it without any prior information on the keywords. After sometime they get fed up and leave the website without getting the top ranking on google.

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Atishay Jain (Seo and Web 2.0 Learner)


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