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Friday, April 29, 2011

SEO Secrets and tips

  1. Do submit your links to service directories, such as local or industry directories. There’s typically no charge to do this, and they’re a draw for both businesses and consumers.
  2. Look at where your traffic is coming from. “You may find a particular website that you weren’t aware of is producing a lot of traffic for you, and you can go out and talk to them and see if you can increase your exposure there,” says Enright.
  3. Practice Internet etiquette: While you can add links to other sites without informing their webmasters, why miss out on the opportunity to make them aware of your site so they can link to it?
  4. Don’t link to junk websites. Linking to websites that are obvious spammers can hurt your search engine rankings.
  5. Don’t go link-crazy. Linking to too many other websites may cause search engines to identify you as a link directory, and downgrade your ranking.
  6. Fully integrate your link pages with the rest of your website, rather than create link pages just for search engines.
  7. Tools that automate link exchange processes can help you save time, as long as they focus on creating high-quality links. “If you use a tool that gets hundreds of unrelated links in a very short time, then this won't do your website any good,” says Selbach. “You will actually lose time.

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