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Sunday, April 24, 2011

seo tutorials-

seo tutorial
seo tutorials
Now has come up with some new change. Now onwards it will brings Search engine optimization tutorials, seo tips and seo guidelines.  Now becomes #1 ranked website for seo tutorial and seo basics. 

How to start to learn what is SEO?
If you are really motivated to learn about seo first you need to be an internet lover then only you can start with it. If you are a beginner then it is must to understand seo is not only internet marketing SEO is also having a very great impact on web 2.0 application development. As to make any website or web based application it is very necessary to mind seo rules while developing the application. It may be called as on page optimization factors, but there are many things besides that like HTML tags coding that helps to make our website seo friends in advance. To impact on search engines it is very necessary to do SEO in advance means during the development phase of it as it can save a lot of effort after the site is live. 

SEO in the past
Before 10-15 years Search Engine Optimization was not a separate profession, some tools like- Web masters performed some basic SEO for the websites and that was all. But as internet and world wide web began to grow and websites started making more money. So, it became more necessory to hire a dedicated Search Engine Optimization specialist. The demand for good Search Engine Optimizer is high and is constantly on the rise.

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