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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

seo with flash and flex

Like the punch line of Microsoft says, “Change is inevitable”, technological world is indeed a place where if anything is constant, its change. Internet marketing has become the most sought after marketing technique in today's cyber age. Even, it cannot stay untouched by the ever-changing developments in online marketing.
SEO and Web 2.0
Creating a website with Flex is not only an interesting job of the web developers, but the end product, website itself also comes out to be very satisfactory for the designers as well as for the users. With the introduction of Web 2.0, web development has reached its next level. Among all programming languages like HTML, Java Script etc. Flex has emerged out as the most popular one among the Web 2.0 web developers.
However, one problem with Flex web development is that flex websites are not search engine optimization (SEO) friendly. This is a major flaw why flex development for RIA is often discarded. It is true that websites, which are programmed with pure Flex coding, are not crawled by search engines.

Problem with SWF
SWF is a program, which runs through Flash Player. This helps a search engine to read any entrenched content, so that it can decompose the SWF. However, with Flex, this is not the case, for Google does not do that. When one programmer compiles his flex codes, a single SWF file is produced, which does not include other files like HTML, shared resource files, Java script etc. The single SWF contains the entire coding. With this you can make the entire URL effective, since you do not have to leave the SWF when you are moving to another page. This process is an advantage. It makes linking easier in your website.
SEO with Flex 3
However, with the commence of Flex 3, which is coupled with Deep Linking function, the problem of making your flex website SEO friendly is quite solved. All you need to do is to make the search engines aware of the deep linking facility of your programming language.
But if we see Flex 4 the SEO problems comes out to be solved completely yeah the bots and search engines spiders can read the content or text from any of the flex websites or flex application. Although it was also possible in flex 3 but in flex 4 there are also some new tags and features that makes the application quite easy for SEO.
Hence, you must strike a balance between valuable content and SEO for pleasing search engine spider bots and humans alike. Only then can you get your business rolling on the fast street.

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