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Sunday, May 1, 2011

cheat codes in seo | seo cheat codes

There are some black hat techniques that you must avoid while doing SEO of your website. This is called as Cheat Codes Don' t try to cheat google as if it starts cheating then you may disappeared from web.

Here are some seo cheat code that you must avoid:

Don't do spamming everywhere specially with your meta coding. 

If you are avoiding content manipulation the next thing that may come to your mind is about keyword density. Isn’t it? You may have even started to think about how you can increase your keyword density but make sure you have user as a reference point in your mind and not a search engine. If you think few extra times a keyword is something that is going to help your user it should be (and must be) done or else it is nothing more than waste of time.

It is time to think beyond link building techniques like link farms, Link Exchanges, Link Wheelers, 3 Way link Exchanges or even n way link exchanges. If you think your user will not benefit from the link on your site there is no point in having that link just to gain SEO and Google ranking.Don't use cheat Codes Google has been working (read punishing) a lot on sites that impact the Google algorithm un-naturally.

Last but still by no means least is to think about PageRank. Google itself is devaluing the Toolbar PR and so if you are still looking at Toolbar PageRank I think it is time to shift your focus on better things than Toolbar PR. 

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