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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What is google conversion code

It has been a very common question for all the SEO and website owners that what google conversion code is. Here is the actual definition of Google conversion code.

If you are a website or a blog owner and you want to track some of your targeted advertisements or some clicks then you must need a script for server side.  Once you've defined an action, Google gives you a JavaScript snippet to paste on the pages you wish to track. This code builds a URL that passes parameters back to Google and also allows you to display the Google Site Stats text on your page if you opted in to show it on your conversion pages. The query string data within the JavaScript code snippet is used in the following way:

  •       google_conversion_id: A unique value that allows Google to identify the advertiser receiving the conversion.
  •    google_conversion_value: A numeric value defined by the advertiser equaling the value of the conversion.
  •   google_conversion_label: The type of conversion that occurred (purchase, sign-up, page view, or lead). Google does not currently support advertiser-defined conversion types. Consequently, you cannot customize this string.
  •   google_conversion_language: The language of the conversion tracking Google Site Stats text that appears on your website.

If you can see the code generated for your action, you can learn how to paste it into the pages you're tracking by reading our AdWords Conversion Tracking Setup Guide. Proper installation of the code on to your site activates conversion tracking. Here's how it should behave once it starts working:
  1. A user clicks your AdWords ad.
  2. Our server places a temporary cookie on the user's computer or mobile device.
  3. If the user reaches one of your designated conversion confirmation request pages, his or her computer or mobile device passes back the cookie and requests that our server send the conversion tracking text. If cookies are rejected for any reason, the conversions made from that user won't get recorded. Conversion tracking is also not supported if the mobile phone user disables images.
  4. Google records the conversion event and correlates it with your campaign, ad group, URL and keyword.
  5. At the next report update, you will see conversion statistics from the campaign level down to the keyword level.

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