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Saturday, June 4, 2011

how to convert list to comma separated string

Good news for SEO and web marketers, one big problem of email marketers have been sort out today. I got the solution to convert csv (comma-separated values) file from a simple text file.
Wow Today one of my friend whose name is Dharmendra really helped me and to sort out one of the biggest problem of all the email marketers.
Now we have got the solution how to convert delimited list to a comma separated string. Just the one thing you need is adobe dream weaver to makes it happen.

Just follow these easy steps:-

1) Take an example of this list-

2) If you have a list in this format and you want to make it a comma separated text/ string then just open dream weaver.

3) Now make a new blank page and copy paste the list seen above.

4) After press ctrl + F

5) Now in the find portion press ctrl + enter, and on the replace option put a, (comma) with a space.

6) Press replace all

7) Just see you can have smile

Happy email marketing for all SEO and Web marketers

Atishay Jain
(Web2.0 Expert) 


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  2. Thanks for this information as everybody is doing email marketing, it help us