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Thursday, June 9, 2011

SEO Tricks and SEO secrets

Engaging a reputable SEO services provider is a very basic step to take to ensure optimal performance from your commercial website.  Even though your SEO services provider may be well qualified and highly experienced, it's most important for you to maintain an awareness of well your website is performing, and also to be aware of the methods your SEO services provider is using to improve the performance of your website.

Ideal backlinks come from the submission of your website link to service directories, such as those serving your geographical area or your industry. Usually there will be no charge to do this, and they will bring in both business and consumer traffic.
Try to determine which websites are the major sources of your traffic.  It's quite possible that  a website  that you weren’t aware of is producing a significant volume of traffic for you.  If this is the case, they should be contacted and you may find that you can increase your presence on their website.

Make sure you follow the rules of internet etiquette.  Links to other sites can certainly be established without informing their webmasters, but communicating with them is not only the correct thing to do, it will also provide an opportunity for them to become familiar with your website and they may well wish to link to it.
Make sure that the websites that you link to are reputable.  Linking to websites that have obvious problems such as spamming will have potentially serious negative consequences for your search engine rankings. Also, you should make sure that you are not linked to too many websites.  There will always be the possibility that the search engines might identify you as a link directory, and that would certainly lead to your ranking being downgraded. 
Avoid the creation of link pages specifically set up just for the benefit of the search engines.  Your link pages should also be appealing to your human visitors.  Hopefully, they will actually be making some purchases.

It's probably fine to use tools that will automatically perform the link exchange process.  That can certainly save time, as long as the focus is on creating high-quality links.  If a tool establishes hundreds of unrelated links in a very short time, not only will this waste time, but the major consequence will be a penalty imposed by the search engines.

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