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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

why mba after engineering - degree doesn’t matter

Hi All
MBA- A better option
Let’s add one more discussion on this hot topic MBA after engineering.  Let me introduce myself, my name is Atishay Jain and i have completed my engineering in 2010 with Information Technology. It has been almost one year to work in IT industry. I have done with SEO and also as a Business Analyst.

MBA Degree doesn’t matter developed skills
I am really saying if you are having the skills that an MBA’ian must have then you can easily do that, for this you do not need any degree of MBA. If you trust yourself and you can manage the business you are in, then you could be a good business manager. MBA skills and MBA attitude is not in the books it is itself inside the person who is really willing to be a good and reputed Business manager. In the industry the person who can bring business to the company is the perfect MBA’ian weather he/she do not have a degree of MBA it doesn’t matter.

What do you look for- A Degree or skills?
This is my personal experience with Degrees VS skills, Why don’t you learn MBA if you really want. If you are an engineering student and you are appearing for CAT and other entrance exams for MBA colleges then it is really very nice to take this experience as i did the same in my last year of engineering degree. But my suggestion is to first join some small or mid level company after you done your engineering. It makes realize that what is IT industry or how the work is being done?
If you are really motivated to go for some MBA college or some degree after engineering then go only when you can you get some reputed college otherwise after doing MBA you will be as you were after your engineering also it makes you confused and puzzled which now which way you must go either as a software developer or a business development manager.

It is you and it’s your decision what to choose a degree or the skills that can give you a good job and exposure to get the opportunity to work in IT industry as a Business development Executive or later as a business development manager.

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