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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Free Tenders from India-Tender in India- India Tender- IT Tender

India has been changed it was the time when india had no IT tenders and no online tenders information but now indian government has been changed. Tenders are being offered from the foreign countries like Ghana.
Free tenders from india has been diminshed from the websites but there are many IT tenders in india that has given a space to IT industry.

Just have a look to these two news for Tenders from India:

Ghana government orders computerized fire tenders from India
The government of Ghana has placed an order for 70 fire tenders to equip the Ghana Fire Service (GNFS).
The Ghana News Agency cites the Vice President, Mr John Dramani Mahama, as saying at a durbar of chiefs, Assembly Members and security agencies in the Techiman Municipality,  that the government is making the necessary arrangements to equip the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) with standard fire tenders to enhance its work.
“Vice President Mahama announced that the government had placed an order for more than 50 similar computerized fire tenders from India and more than 20 from Belgium”, the report said on July 13, 2011.
He said the fire tenders imported into the country will conform to international standards.
The government in June this year inaugurated 54 fire tenders and equipment worth $49 million for the GNFS in Accra.

Russia Is Pursuing Multiple Helicopter Tenders In India
Pursuing multiple helicopter tenders floated by the Indian Ministry of Defence, Russian helicopter manufacturers promoted a line of military helicopters at Aero India 2011. In recent years exports of Russian rotary-wing aircraft have been steadily growing with initial deliveries of Mi-17 military transport helicopters to the Indian Air Force.

At Aero-India 2011 Russia is promoting the new Mi-28NE the new export version of the 'Night Hunter' combat helicopter, inducted into service with the Russian Army in 2009. In India the Mi-28NE is competing against the American AH-64D Apache, on the Indian tender for the supply of 22 attack helicopters. Two competitors already dropped out of the competition - the Eurocopter Tiger and the Italian A-129 Mongoose. This is the first time the Russian gunship is competing in the international market and Moscow is hopeful that the Indian tender will bring and establish the credibility the Night Hunter deserves, among the world's leading helicopter gunships. Like it's U.S. competitor, the Mi-28NE helicopter employs a wide range of weapons, boasts unique survivability features and can operate in day, night and under extreme weather conditions. These helicopters started entering service with the Russian Armed Forces in 2009. Similar to the American Apache, Mi-28 was designed in the 1980's and received a NATO name 'Havoc'. Unlike the Apache, operational fielding was delayed by more than two decades, as cashed stripped Russia could not afford full scale production.

All the steps and procedures has been changed and ultimately India has got so many free online tenders opportunity from all over the world.
Thanks and keep staying for the more information on tenders from india.

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