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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anna Hazare Latest News Today- Anna Hazare Supporters India Gate

Anna Hazare Supporters India Gate
Anna Hazare Latest News Today 18-08-2011
New Delhi: Anna Hazare has moved to a new thrill and shivered the whole country. Against Corruption it seems a war between Anna Hazare and Indian Government. 
Deadlock continued between Team Anna and the UPA government on Wednesday, even as thousands rallied across the country in support of Anna Hazare who has been campaigning for a strong Lokpal. 

The government and Delhi Police appeared to be ready for a climbdown but the social activist stuck to his ground demanding unconditional permission to sit on an indefinite fast for a strong Lokpal. 

The Delhi Police late on Wednesday offered Team Anna 21-day permission to sit on fast at Ramlila Maidan, as against previously agreed venue of Jai Prakash Narayan Park, but the Gandhian stuck to his demand of permission for at least 30 days to fast. 

Police officials had earlier in the day agreed to let Hazare hold the protest fast for seven days after which the situation would be reviewed day after day. 

The Delhi Police Wednesday also decided to lift all the restrictions they had earlier imposed on his hunger strike. Hazare's refusal to obey them had led to his arrest. 
Anna Hazare Supporters India Gate

According to Hazare's associates, police have agreed to let the soldier-turned-activist hold his fast at the sprawling Ramlila Maidan and let any number of people to join him. Earlier, police had capped that number at 5,000, triggering a confrontation. 

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi is also believed to have reserved the Ramlila Maidan for Team Anna till August 30, to hold fast there. 

Further, the erection of tents and use of loudspeaker will be allowed but till 10.00 pm, the time limit set by the Supreme Court. 

With the deadlock continuing Prime Minister Manmohan Singh held consultations with senior ministers, including P Chidambaram and Pranab Mukherjee, to discuss the impasse. 

Home Minister Chidambaram also held a high-level meeting today. He met his top ministry officials and the Delhi Police Commissioner to discuss the issue. 

Meanwhile, a prison official said the health condition of Anna Hazare is absolutely fine and there is no cause for any panic. 

"Anna Hazare's health is absolutely fine. There is no problem at all. Regular medical checkups are being done inside the jail," spokesman of Tihar jail Sunil Gupta said. 

Anna Hazare Supporter Baba Ramdev

 Baba Ramdev met Anna 

During the day, spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar met Anna inside Tihar Jail to persuade the Gandhian leader to end the deadlock over his continuing stay there. 

Throwing light on Anna’s health, the spiritual guru said that the social activist is in fine shape and that he would come out of the jail only if he is allowed to hold fast without conditions. 

The intervention of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was sought by Anna’s anxious supporters to break the impasse. 

Anna’s close associates - Kiran Bedi, Prashant Bhushan, Swami Agnivesh, Medha Patkar, Manish Sisodia and others - were also present during the meeting. 

Baba Ramdev too went to Tihar Jail today and met Anna. He also sought to muster support for the cause outside jail. 

He also met President Pratibha Patil today and submitted a memorandum protesting police action against Anna and his team. 

Hazare, who was ordered to be released last night after a day-long detention, had refused to come out of the prison unless he was allowed to protest at JP Park without conditions for a strong Lokpal.

Thousands of people who had converged outside the jail shouted slogans and waved the tricolour. Many donned caps and clothes that read 'Me Anna Hazare -- India Against Corruption'. 

Government officials, students, commuters and bystanders -- everyone was seen supporting Hazare. 

Patriotic songs were also being sung as the crowd spread on to the streets. 

Over the last few days, Team Hazare had refused to give a written undertaking that he will end his protest within three days and restrict the number of protesters to 5,000. Hazare and seven of his aides were picked up from an East Delhi apartment Tuesday morning shortly before he was to launch his protest fast at JP Park after Delhi Police failed to persuade him to give up the move. 

Police arrested him on the ground he was about to commit a cognisable offence but in a sudden turn of events, the government in the evening decided to release him after protests erupted across the country against its action. 

Anna Hazare Supporters

Let us see what change will it bring to our corrupt nation; Hope Anna Hazare makes it so.


  1. Anna Hazare is doing right and we all Indians are with you keep the nation free with these politicians

  2. Anna Hazare hum tumhare saath hai.. let us keep this country clean from these ministers

  3. Anna Hazare represents the true domestic face of the resurgent, self-believing and confident India whereas Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, a self-proclaimed Indian Sanatani Fundamentalist Hindu, represented the International face of a struggling, colonized, and famished India. Mahatma Gandhi fought for Indian Independence from the European British, French, Dutch, and Portuguese colonialists and secured freedom for India, by bringing masses into national movement for Independence with his non-violent, non-coperative, and passive struggle. The modern India's Gandhian Anna Hazare, former Delhi police chief Kiran Bedi, former justice of Supreme Court Santhosh Sadashiv Nitte Hegde, Arya Samaj Swami Agnivesh, yoga acharya Swami Ramdev, and social activist Arvind Kejriwal are fighting for second war of Independence against the Europen Italian trio of Sonia Antonia Maino, Raul Vinci Iranian Parsee Muslim Firoz Gandhi, and Bianca Priyanka Robert Vadra and the European British Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir Omar Abdulla and also the corrupt politicians, sinister elements, and vested interests of India. While demanding an all-powerful ombudsmen, Lok Pal at the all India level and Lokayukta in every state, to prevent the Indian Prime Minister, Supreme Court and High Court Judges, PM's cabinet colleagues, IAS, IPS, IFS and IRS officers and other administrators both at the center and the states, and the state chief ministers, ministers, and adminsitrative personnel from indulging in, fostering, encouraging, safeguarding, or colluding with corrupt elements, both within India and outside. Some of the expected outcomes are the strenthening of the forces of nationalism, patriotism and national duty in India, the strengthening of the hands of Dr. Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister of India, forced stepping down of the European Italian Sonia Antonia Maino as the President of Indian National Congress and Raul Vinci Firoz Gandhi as the General Secretary of Indian National Congress and the emergence of domestic educated Indian leaders.

  4. Anna Hazare Latest NewsAugust 18, 2011 at 2:33 PM

    74-year-old Gandhian Anna Hazare will reach the Ramlila Maidan for his indefinite anti-corruption fast on Friday (August 19) since the venue is not yet prepared for him and his supporters to hold the hunger strike. Anna's close aide Arvind Kejriwal said, "In view of conditions at Ramlila Maidan, Anna Hazare will reach the place tomorrow."

    The stand-off between Team Anna and Delhi Police come to an end late on Wednesday night following hectic consultations between the two sides over the proposed fast site and the duration of the protest.

    Delhi Police gave the permission for a 15-day fast at Ramlila Maidan on Wednesday night after talks between Team Anna and Delhi Police Commissioner BK Gupta.

    Hazare supporters have said that their protests will only end after the Government agrees to a strong Lokpal bill in parliament. Supporters have started to gather at Ramlila Maidan in anticipation of his arrival. Police have made heavy security arrangements at the fast venue and are combing the ground with sniffer dogs and metal detectors to secure the area.

    Team Anna has also given a two-page undertaking to police on its protest fast in Ramlila Maidan, saying they would abide by existing rules and regulations and the crowd will not exceed the capacity of the ground, which is around 25,000 people. In the undertaking signed by Anna Hazare himself and his associates - Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan, Kiran Bedi and Shanti Bhushan, they also said that if any clause of it was violated, they would be liable to be prosecuted under law.

  5. Anna can use Ramlila Maidan conditionally till September 2: Government.
    Permission has been given to Anna Hazare and his associates for his fast at Ramlila Maidan till September 2 and it is conditional, Home Secretary RK Singh said today.

    He said the government was not involved in any discussion with Team Anna and it was the Delhi Police which held the talks and resolved the issue "amicably".

    "The Delhi Police discussed with Team Anna and, thereafter, they have come to a decision. What the Delhi Police conveyed to the Ministry of Home Affairs is that the permission was given till September two on the usual sort of conditions," he told reporters here.

    Singh said it was not proper to say the agreement wasa victory for one side and defeat for the other "but the basic issue was that permission for certain ground and certain period was given with some sort of conditions.

    "If someone is saying that this is a victory or something, this is not the right way to say. This is not a question of victory or defeat," he said.

    The Home Secretary said conditions of a particular ground mandated a certain size of crowd as well as of available parking.

    "An agreement has been reached on another ground and the size of that ground is much larger. So the size of the crowd does not matter," the Home Secretary said, referring to Ramlila Maidan.

    He said, "Conditions are there. Some conditions remain same. For example, the condition of using loud speakers remains the same as the condition imposed for the earlier ground. The condition that the doctors will examine remains the same. Doctors will examine. The organisers and the Delhi Police have agreed to these conditions."

    Singh said Team Anna has to make its own arrangements on "basic" issues and whenever the ground would be ready, they would go there.

    "The issue has been resolved by the Delhi Police through negotiation and through complete understanding. It was good," he said.


  7. I fill that by and large each and every Political Party is involved in Corruption directly so they dont want Jan Lok Pal Bill to pass even BJP is not coming out directly in the support of Anna they say they are supporting Anna but in Sansad they are all the same