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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Anna Hazare Wins | Anna Hazare Victory | Anna Hazare 28-8(August) News| Janlokpal has Passed

News: Sunday, 28 august/28-8-2011, New Delhi

NEW DELHI: Both Houses of Parliament on Saturday passed a resolution conveying the sense of the House on the Lokpal Bill. 

Anna Hazare Win - Anna Hazare Victory August 2011 on Lokpal bill

Govt agrees to all 3 of Anna Hazare's conditions; Anna end his fast today in the morning at 10 AM on 28 august 2011

Team Anna has reportedly received internal communication from Parliament that states that all three conditions of Anna Hazare have been agreed upon.
According to TV reports, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee is likely to move an appeal at 4.30 pm in Parliament.

The government and the opposition on Saturday appeared to be on the same page in Lok Sabha during the debate on the Lokpal issue with both sides emphasising that Anna Hazare should end his fast.

A discussion in the House over the issue saw the two sides moving closer to a consensus on most points, including the three sticky issues of including the lower bureaucracy, appointing Lokayuktas in states and having a Citizens' Charter, which were a bone of contention in the past.

anna win
Helping Anna Hazare to stand

The tone of the debate was set by NDA Working President LK Advani who in his brief remarks appealed to the House to discuss the issue for the entire day but ensure that by evening the views of the House reach Hazare.

According to the Economic Times, he felt that today's discussion would be fruitful only if Hazare heeds the appeals made by the prime minister, leader of opposition, the speaker and the House and breaks his fast.

Leader ofOpposition Sushma Swaraj said history has given the House an opportunity to pass this legislation and it should not miss it by getting entangled in technicalities.
"Let us give this country an effective, strong, free and impartial Lokpal," she said.
Ending all speculations about BJP's reservations on the three sticky points on which Team Anna was adamant, Swaraj said her party gives its consent to all of them.

The Congress also underlined that the government was agreeable to reasonable changes on the contentious issues and most of it is "a matter of dialogue and design".
Sandeep Dikshit (Cong) said the debate should firstly limit its aim to reaching a consensus so that Hazare can end his fast, which entered its 12th day today.

How People Contribute Anna Hazare and our Nation India 

Crowd for Anna Hazare

Anna Doctors check up

Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi

Anna Hazare Supporters

Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi

Anna end his fast on 28 august 10 am

Jan Lokpal Bill: Parliament accepted Anna Hazare demands, PM tells Anna

 Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Saturday told Anna Hazare that parliament had accepted the three points raised by him on the Lokpal issue. 

The prime minister also expressed hope that in the light of the parliament resolution, Anna would end his hunger strike without any delay and regain his health.

Union Science and Technology Vilasrao Deshmukh read out the prime minister's letter to Anna at Ramlila Maidan amid a cheering crowd. 

In his letter, the prime minister said: "As you know, the parliament discussed the issues related to Lokpal. You will be happy to know that both houses of parliament passed a resolution on the three points raised by you." 

The letter further said that according to the resolution, the parliament is unanimous in principle on the citizen's charter, bringing lower bureaucracy under Lokpal through appropriate mechanism and setting up Lokayuktas in states. 

The prime minister's letter said the parliament also resolved that the "sense of the house" would be sent to the standing committee concerned so it is able to examine it while making its recommendations.

28 August 2011 gonna be a great day and will become a history for India.

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