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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Biography of Arvind Kejriwal - Arvind Kejriwal BioGraphy

Biography of Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal Full Name is Arvind Kumar Kejriwal (born 16 June 1968) is an Indian social activist fighting for greater transparency in Government. He was awarded Ramon Magsaysay Award for Emergent Leadership in 2006, for activating India's Right to Information movement at grassroots and social activities to empower the poorest citizens to fight corruption by holding the government answerable to the people. Kejriwal is also a Saathi (fellow) of the Association for India's Development.

Arvind Kejriwal Hometown

Arvind Kejriwal was born in Hissar, Haryana in 1968. His father was an engineer and he spent most of his childhood living in small northern Indian towns like Sonepat, Mathura and Hissar.

Arvind Kejriwal Education

Kejriwal graduated from IIT Kharagpur as a Mechanical engineer in 1989.

Role of Arvind Kejriwal in Jan Lokpal Bill Movement

As a member of India Against Corruption Kejriwal is an active participant in the movement for the enactment of Jan Lokpal Bill. He is considered a key figure along with social activist Anna Hazare. On August 16 2011, Hazare was arrested four hours before the planned indefinite hunger strike. Rajan Bhagat, spokesman for Delhi Police, said police arrested Hazare under a legal provision that bans public gatherings and protests at the park in Delhi where he was planning to begin his hunger strike. Kejriwal was also arrested along with other key members of the India Against Corruption movement.


  1. hi mai bablu kumar jo ho raha hai bo sab india ke liye bahut jaruri hai ye mera dil kahata hai

  2. I Know Anna Ji is working as Bapu but Arvind Kejriwal you are also a "Devdoot" for our country who has born on this land to protect us from "Brastachar ka ravan".


  4. You are great. Corrupt Politicians should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. Arvind Kejriwal Ji,

    You are too great. Aap Ishwar ke awtar ho. No one can make sacrifices like you have done at this young age.May you prosper in your life and achieve whatever you desire.

  6. Shri Kejriwal Sb.,

    General Insurance Industry is full of corruption. The officials make money at the time of doing insurance,taking benami commission, appointment of surveyors, taking money from surveyors fees, from claims and then while making claim payments. Pl. study the whole system and see that this national problem is solved. At least 25 to 30% of the claim amount can be saved.

  7. sir hum aapse milna chahte hai please apna no. ya addres de



  8. Wow he tooo nhave done IIT in Mechanical field. He could too work in private companies. But he did'nt.That his speciality. He devoted his life for India. We all are with you sir.

  9. Indian youth is behind you and ANNA;the real indian leaders of 21st century..!!!

  10. Arvind if you want to vanish corruption it is necessary to be effective with the both powers public support& conciousness now present scenario is that there is a lot of public support but not conciousness for this a daily editorial in all language news papers and to share public munch mostly in backward rural areas because they do not know what is the relation between them and lokpal and how will be it affctive to rescue their economic conditon and your team should also be shown a bright and probable strategic map of future without it this is not more than 1857 revolt. AND also a suitable replacement of present corrupt ministers otherwise it is not more than to replace Bahadur shah by Jahandar shah both were Rangeela And lampat

  11. Sir I am huge fan of ur .i never see a m
    an like u who is so much devoted for his ciuntry .sir ,u r a real hero of our country.

  12. Sir May aapke sath hoon 9650518875

  13. Sir May aapke sath hoon 9650518875

  14. Arvind jii u will be roll model of youth & maximum indians r with u & ur views....vivekanand pandey advocate bhiwandi thane

  15. Arvindji, You are a real model for todays youth of India. You must form a "Rashtriya Yuva Party" enrolling clean youths all over the country and fight the next election.I am pretty sure today's youth generation who are fed up with the curruption at every step willl support you 100% and change the face of India. I think it is the time for all the old horses to make them resign and give up the politics and a lesson to be taught if the youth government is formed. You & Anna will never win with the protest like you have been doing as they have the power distrup your movement and bring you down as the police department revolves on their fingers. India will only be free from all the evil matters if the police have the powers and do not bow down to the politicians who ill treat them. The police in India should be well paid well above the inflation rate to keep them away from the curruption so they can peform their duties and not thretend by the politicians & their families.


  16. we (truly indians) are with u

  17. I am proud of you, salute to your courage aage badho hum tumhare saath hai

  18. Few months before,i read an article about you in newspaper and felt very proud about
    your approach and wanted to write to you but did not know your postal address.I have long
    association with hissar ,my mother family of tayals baldeva close as brother.,passed high school from hissar CAV school .Also i know family of father of sh prashant bhushan as
    my father ise from roorkee in 1914 knew them all..I have been chiefsurgeon /prin hod for long and i and my father believed in honest work but we had better atmosphere.You
    have done islike saving a dying integrity in our nationWe had close
    relatives in congressFather was spinning cotton and wore clothes of yarn spun by him
    .I was looking to find your time of birth etc and saw your horoscope as a curiosity and
    find your sun and moon top most and neech sani retrograde.>Just a hobby ..Your being
    what you are is in the horoscope with my basic understanding.I will pray for your wellbeing now .May god be with you ..I read you are an athiest .I am not surprised.Good souls are part of god so it does not matter Dr r.K.agarwal

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