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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What is Google Dance-Google Dance 2011-Google Dance Explained

What is Google Dance

Google Dance is the period when Google re changes or updates its indexing algorithms , and results fluctuate widely for a period of a week atleast. Duting this time your rankings on google may vary to your old rankings but it mat comes back after some fixed time.
Google Dance

                                     Google Dance

How frequently Google Dance Happen?
The name "Google Dance" was in the past used to describe the period that a major index update of the Google search engine are being implemented. These major Google index update occured on average every month or then 10 times per year. It was easiest to identified by significant changes in Google organic search results, and by an updation of Google's cache of all indexed pages. But the update did not proceed as a switch from one index to another like the flip of a switch. In fact, it took several days like 3 to 4 days to finish the complete update of the index.

Because Google, like every other search engine, depends on their customers knowing that they deliver authoritative reliable results 24 hours of the day, seven days a week, updates pose a serious issue. Google can not shut down for maintenance and they cannot afford to go offline for even one while. Hence, we had the Dance. Every search engine goes through it, some more or less often than Google. However, it is only because of Google's reach that we pay attention to its rebuild more than that of any other engine.

Google Dance Explained

The name "Google Dance" is often used to describe the index update of the Google search engine. Google's index update occurs on average once per month. It can be identified by significant movement in search results and especially by Google's cache of all indexed pages reflecting the status of Google's last spidering. But the update does not proceed as a switch from one index to another at one point in time. In fact, it takes several days to complete the index update. During this period, the old and the new index alternate on
At an early stage, the results from the new index occur sporadically. But later on, they appear more frequently. Google dances.

Google Dance 2003 Fact
The "Google Dance" would happen anywhere up to 36 times per year, however in 2003 Google begun updating its index on a weekly basis, which all but eliminated the Google Dance.

Technical Reasons for Google Dance
The Google search engine pulls its results from more than 10,000 servers which are simple Linux PCs that are used by Google for reasons of cost. Naturally, an index update cannot be proceeded on all those servers at the same time. One server after the other has to be updated with the new index.

Many webmasters think that, during the Google Dance, Google is in some way able to control if a server with the new index or a server with an old index responds to a search query. But, since Google's index is inverse, this would be very complicated. As we will show below, there is no such control within the system. In fact, the reason for the Google Dance is Google's way of using the Domain Name System (DNS).

The Google Dance Test Domains www2 & www3
The beginning of a Google Dance can always be watched at the test domains and Those domains normally have stable DNS records which make the domains resolve to only one (often the same) IP address. Before the Google Dance begins, at least one of the test domains is assigned the IP address of the data center that receives the new index first.

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  1. One of my websites that sat at the number one spot for it's keyword for the better part of this year starting around January up until last week fell to page 6. Cannot figure out what happened but I'm confused and not sure what to do to bring it back. Have I done something wrong? Is there someplace I can go to test to figure it out just a little upset. Any advice? I know it's on page 6 two of my links back to back but there are newer sites one also of mine similar keyword coming up in the 4th spot but the other has just fallen to page 6. Is this considered a Google Dance or something else? This happened once in December of 2010 but it was completely off of Google. I assume that was the google sandbox but this seems to me after doing loads of research online a Google Dance? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.