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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Atishay Jain - Atishay Jain "A Web Geek" - Atishay Jain Profile - Atishay Jain Bio

Here is the profile of Atishay Jain who lives in New Delhi, and his hometown is Muzaffarnagar (UP), India. He is a Web Geek Guy who eat, drink and learn web latest web technologies and rich internet applications.
Atishay jain is a Software Engineer from New Delho, India. Atishay Jain is specializing in search engine optimization and google search algorithms. He is well known in the SEO and web development community for enforcing Webmasters and Web Developers.

Who is Atishay Jain

Atishay Jain is a  Web enthusiastic geek from India. He is a guy who love web Research and Web Development. He knows about RIA (Rich Internet Applications), Web Crime,s SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Blogging, Static and dynaimic websites, web software applications, business management, Mobile applications etc
Atishay jain
Atishay jain

What Atishay Aimed?
He never aimed about money he aimed about thrill. 

What his Passion?
His Passion is learning, motivating others, sharing technology, and discovering new things with the latest technologies.

What his work? What he do?
He deplete, booze, and inhale latest web technologies and gearup for the same. He will never stop learning and to meditate the web with Information Technology.

Where he lives? 
He is a guy who lives in New Delhi, and his hometown is Muzaffarnagar (UP), India. Well better do not ask about his personal life he is so invade in life who seldomly conducive to companionship with others.

What's his attitude personally?
He is an optimistic guy who always expect or present the best possible outcome in his life.

See Atishay Magic on Google

1st Magic- Go to and type atishay jain then after give a space and type S; then just stop and look google will suggest you the keyword of his profile. Did you get it?

2nd Magic- Do same but type M followed by Atishay Jain on google. :) Get it?

It is not a magic, Google knows about Atishay :)

An optimistic thought made by Atishay Jain

Don't allow the thoughts of pessimism to run a muck within your mind, being an optimistic always contributes to reduce the recurrence of chronic disorders.

His favorite thought
Everything will be okay in the end....
If it's not okay It's not the end.

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