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Thursday, September 8, 2011

How to Open Website if it is Blocked | Surf Internet Without Trace

How to Open Website if it is Blocked 

Are you afraid of you company school or college?

Has the websites blocked?
Here is the solution without using software or any proxy websites you can open any website with the help of Notepad or calculator that is already installed in your computer.

Usually in organizations and colleges many sites have been blocked such as orkut, Facebook, movies, entertainment, and adult websites.
For example if Gmail is blocked at your place, Access Facebook/Orkut If blocked in Your School College Or Office.

Don't Worry you can still access blocked websites using these 3 simple steps:

1)open the calculator or Notepad you can go to help and then click help topics.

2) Right click on the title bar and go to 'Jump to URL'

3) Type your URL (Make sure you put in http://)

Then You have it Now you can use internet using your own browser which is easily hidden and is not cached your cookies and browsing history.

Note: this trick is only works with Windows XP or old verisons of windows before windows 7


  1. wow nice trick to open the websites that have been blocked by the network administrator but is that recorded means if we surf the internet then is that history maintain to the admin? I wonder if it does not save any history of our browsing. Let me know Please help me Atishay

  2. hey the trick is working in my computer i have windows XP in my system i wonder if it also works in windows 7, Friends dis anyone knows how to use the same trick in windows 7 or some new versions of windows.. thanks in advance