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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Career as SEO - SEO has Future or Not

It has been a very famous debate for all the students who are pursuing their engineering or any other IT degree. Everybody is eager to know whether SEO is right field to choose as their career for future or not?
Truly saying the statement “SEO has no future” is 100% wrong. As fast as the small business on web is increasing every small company will need SEO.
SEO is a slow process not like SEM where we pay and get the outputs in a very few days.

seo as carreer
SEO has future or Not

Is SEO technical?

M any of the IT people think that SEO is only internet marketing but i disagree to this statement as SEO is something that requires good research, good presentation, and excellent subject knowledge. It may not have any technical coding like java, c++, etc but really saying it requires a lot of web and IT knowledge.

A brief to dynamic SEO

Actually there are many types of SEO jobs like someone is doing only off page optimization, or some sort of internet marketing. At other side there is a software engineer who is working as a SEO analyst and is responsible of every dynamic SEO coding and HTML or say on page part. SEO has changed after the concept of making dynamic big directories, we can't Meta codes manually to those websites which have more than 1 Lakhs of unique web pages, in this condition we must need the help of dynamic SEO meta coding.

A truth behind SEO

Many of the young bloggers from all over the world are earning more than thousands of dollars each month. It is very common these days to have a website or some blog under blogger/wordpress platform. Every person wants to earn more and more money and wants to be rich. There are many Indian blogger who works as a full time blogger and their total earnings depends upon their blogging and writing skills.

Tips for SEO Experts

In the end i would like to say If you think you’re good at SEO, writing, thinking etc, then you better start learning social media, blogging, or pay per click management, affiliate marketing etc because it’s all important, and it regularly convergences. Expand your skills do not act only as SEO try to think big you can do a lot in SEO better than your imagination.


  1. thanks to motivate all SEOs and SEM working guys

  2. i think SEO has good future in USA not in India

  3. You are right SEO do not have any future in India

  4. Here is people who earning good side income apart from salary.