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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tips for Online Reputation Management: 2014

One should have an idea about that what people are finding about their brand after Googling you on search engine?

If someone want to know about your products and services then no doubt he/she will go to search engine like as Google, Bing, Yahoo MSN and so on to know more about your product and brand. So, for that I recommend you to go for SMO (Social Media Optimization), Social Networking Sites and Social Media Marketing for all the businesses of your products and banding purpose. Since, branding yourself is the first thing that comes in the mind of every person and of course for that purpose people will Google your brand, products and services.

Making use of social media marketing to broaden the phrase of your brand is called Online Reputation Management (ORM). It is the part of SEO which includes the enhancement of branding of any sort of product, an individual or a service. Management of online reputation and positive results in the search engine has become the most important part in today's' scenario. As we all aware of the thing that branding is everything now a days. Internet marketing, Social Media Marketing and Social Networking Sites can improve and boost your reputation and branding online. There is a check list of ORM before going beyond that you must follow:

1. Check If someone is ruining your Brand by posting negative reviews about your product and services. You also need to research who posted the negative comment about you. You just have to Google your brand/product name & reviews then you will get the Google results for example:

2. Check the reviews on online review sites (i.e., Yelp, Ripoff Report, Judysbook etc) which can help you in getting higher ranking in Search Engine or vice-versa. There are a number of sites where people can find online reviews regarding your brand posted by your customers or may be your competitors. Since, people will reach you after doing research through online reviews and seeing other customer feedback. World's largest online market place. To buy any product from you don't have to worry about fake reviews being posted on site. It is being managed by Amazon customer account system. It is observed that 20-30% of the reviews on this site is false and negative. Because people are posting negative reviews about their competitors on this site. Ripoff Report site is basically for posting complaints regarding any sort of a product, service or individual.
Trip Advisor:- If someone is planning a trip and he/she is going to book a 5 star hotel or a highly class hotel for himself then surely that individual will find online reviews before going beyond. Trip Advisor is the largest site for hotel reviews and millions of reviews are there posted throughout their site. It is basically for finding online reviews any kind of Restaurants & Nightlife, Catering all around.

Now question arises in mind what if someone is finding any false information about you and your brand and how to delete them? Then I will say that you cannot delete any kind of negative review, you can only improve your Online Reputation in short you can improve that how you look online. As removing wrong information from Search Engine such as Google, Bing has become more important  than ever because it is destroying your branding.

A part of Social Media and Social Networking can help you a lot in boosting up your business, branding, products and services. Secure your brand and products on major social networks, create a Brand blog on a different domain and update it on daily basis and track your performance. The benefits of setting up a separate domain for your blog is that you would be able to rank it well in the search results for your brand name.

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