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Friday, March 28, 2014

Basics of CMS: Content Management System

Content Management System is a platform of software application which is used to manage, create, customize information and data for any website directly on a network, internet or run manually on your system. In recent scenario, use of CMS has become a widespread all over the world because it helps in quick creation of powerful websites and also we do not need any sort of high level of programming language knowledge to build a webpage. CMS has divided into two main kinds:

#1 Proprietary CMS
#2 Open Source CMS

1. Proprietary CMS
Proprietary CMS means one will need a license to use any CMS application. But in most of the cases, even license holders can be prohibited with the issue for duplicating the CMS and creating modifications to that application until and unless user will not acquire a more high-priced developers license.
CMS must run properly wherever you use because in most of the cases proprietary CMS only works when the website you put together with them is hosted with the CMS owner.
For example: You may see "Build yourself" or "Live".
If you are creating a website yourself with their tools then that webpage/website will not work for longer. Because in future, if you will ever try to move your domain somewhere else, the website that you have created in proprietary Content Management System application may be converted to another format.

2. Open Source CMS
Open Source (OS) CMS can be run on a scripting language like as php that can be imbedded into HTML such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. One do not need to purchase a license to use OS CMS.
* Easier to use
* Cheaper
* No Licence
* No Upgradation Fees
* No Contracts / No Long-term commitment
We do not need to appoint a developer for OS CMS since there are so many free modules, plug-ins, and complimentary tools. Also, countless free templates and themes.


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