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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Google Recommend To Use hyphens (-) instead of Underscores (_)

Matt Cutts Senior Google Engineer who handle's Webspam team and leads with the search quality team on SEO (search engine optimization) issues. According to him, Search engine "Google" treats hyphens(-) and Underscores (_) differently from one another. We must use dashes in Urls in spite of underscores. Since, hyphen only separate two words but underscore makes easier for users to identify that your webpage is what about.

Matt Cutts's video about underscores in URLs:

For example:
If your Url contains Underscores (_) how_google_hummingbird_search_algorithm then Google Search Engine will read it as howgooglehummingbirdsearchalgorithm, but if use hypens(-) hen Search Engine will treat it as different words like as how-google-hummingbird-search-algorithm.

It willl look like as
instead of

One more thing it is not limited to Urls only but it also affects image alt tags. To check whether your website's URLs use underscores or not.


  1. Thansk for sharing such a nice information

  2. thanks for your advice in Google proper using! I like your blog!

  3. I believe that such recommendations should definitely be heeded because they will help you to get exactly the result you expect from your work.