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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Purpose of Social Media Sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google+


  • To get engage with more and more users through attractive post, photos and videos posting.
  • It allows users to search for new and excited deals and offers.
  • It becomes easier to join social group for likes and dislikes.
  • It helps to get connected to our business through discount priced deals.
  • It helps in building up successful business in terms of targeted audience.

Google +
+1 is the best way to promote pages on your website that will directly lead users to recommend your page.

  • It helps to enlarge our business by offering special deals and discounts.
  • Higher our content which likely to appear in Google Search results.
  • More qualified traffic to our website through attractive post.
  • Promoting through Google+ page means updating it frequently say on daily basis by uploading photos, posting and sharing your content.


  • Allows twitter users to discuss ideas, post news, ask questions and share links.
  • Targets a wide audience.
  • Improves business reputation and client base with least use of advertising.

How to Promote in Facebook, Google+ and twitter:-

  • Posting content like post, photos, videos on daily basis
  • Creating Events, Contest, discount, quiz or other promotion
  • Group Post & Activities
  • Facebook applications or widgets like Twitter, Apple, Android, YouTube, and Google+
  • Ask a hypothetical question
  • Posting a mystery photo

There are several sites to increase the Facebook likes, Twitter and Google+ followers.

Target & Benefits for Facebook, Google+ and twitter:-

  • To get genuine customers/visitors who will like our deals and offers and they will follow us on daily basis for your future business posts.
  • To provide visitors full information regarding our cheapest flight deals.
  • To interact with customers directly and ask them for feedback / suggestions regarding our services.
  • By creating a Facebook business page, Google+ Business page and twitter profile one can easily get connected for our services without waiting for Friend Requests get accepted.

Search Engine also likes social media content based sites which may help to get you the right audience. By sharing our information into these sites, it gets indexed into the Search Engines quickly & easily which helps to generate huge traffic to our social media site

  • Engagement with people in your circle helps in promotion through Google+.
  • Use #tags (hash tags), since every hash tag on Facebook creates its own unique URL.

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  1. I'm not so sure Google+ is really the "best" for anything at all... I mean does anyone even use that platform? Other than hipsters who are too cool for Facebook or Linkedin, that is...

    Mai | Edmonton Web Design